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You, Me and Myasthenia Gravis

Third Edition (2006)
by Deborah Cavel-Greant
Medical Editor: M. W. Nicolle, MD, FRCPC, D. Phil.

A complete guide to myasthenia gravis for patients and healthcare professionals

This longtime favourite, now in its third edition, offers an in-depth explanation of the clinical aspects of myasthenia gravis and congenital myasthenias, provides up-to-date information on medications and treatments, and addresses the emotional challenges and day-to-day concerns facing those living with MG.

Reviewed by both the Medical/Scientific and Nurses Advisory Boards of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America, “You, Me and Myasthenia Gravis”, third edition, is an excellent resource for the general public, offering insight and hope to newly diagnosed myasthenics and their families.

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